Thursday, April 14, 2011

So sad.....and some new silk floss n things

Remember my Beautiful Just Nan enamel Owl box..with the mouse to put in its tummy? I sat him on the top shelf of my puter desk and made sure he was back so he would not fall. My grand daughter came to visit and was on my puter...and I guess she must have knocked it down,it broke,and then she got rid of the broken branch..and set it back on the shelf with only two legs...and needless to say soon as I sat at the puter it came tumbling down.(I could not understand why...cause I was so careful of where I put him) I thought I did it...til I tore my puter room apart looking for the missing branch that broke off..and then it hit me.Hubby said she must have been afraid to tell least I could have tried to fix it. I even went through the trash thinking she threw it there branch...So there went $65.00 down the drain.Not to mention the fact of the hours I wasted tearing everything apart looking for the missing piece...I ordered another one,but it makes me  upset that she felt the need to hide the fact it was broke...accidents happen...I would have been frustrated,but It would not have been the end of the world....GRRRRRR New ground rules for her in this room from now on...:-(
On a Happier some new silk floss,My "Flowers" by NIcoletta Farrauto came,as well as my charts for the little House needle book that goes with the pincushion set

I also purchased this beautiful Mother of Pearl Thread Winder from Italy
at Silver
And New Vintage Reproduction Silver Witch Scissors for my Halloween Stitching

At least these pretties arrived to lift my spirits...I am finishing a large order
from my website...and then I plan on doing nothing but stitching for the next week...Orders are nice and I am glad I am busy..but I need stitching time
just for me...
Have a wonderful Evening
Smiles n Blessings


  1. Awwww...I thought I heard some weeping this way. That is sad. And I do know how you feel. Things that disappear here, never to be found, and then, I find clues...It happens in every household methinks. Chin up - that is some incredibly gorgeous floss - and those scissors...Crimeny! I LOVE those!!! Gotta go on a hunt! Smiles ~ Robin

  2. Sorry to hear about your owl ~ glad to hear you can replace it. Things like that happen around here too!
    Loving the scissors you got!
    Enjoy your stitching time.
    Prim Blessings

  3. Oh Marilyn...I have been where you are. My one never-break rule at our house is: stay away from Mom's sewing area! Do not sit your drinks on my desk, do not borrow my good scissor to cut popsicle pkgs open, hands off or I unleash my cat-like ninja skills! My little girl broke the head off a collectable snowman years ago and I found it later with tape wrapped around the neck! She tried! May joy replace your tears soon! ~*~Lisa