Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New finish~Flower Pinkeep

Just finished this sweet "Vintage" design flower pinkeep. I love the colors of this one. Done on 35 count straw linen,2 over 2,using DMC and Dinky Dye Silks.I will be listing it in My Etsy Shoppe

©Island Cottage NeedleArts

I am starting some new things..some Halloween Goodies,and new Patterns I bought recently. I have
a few orders from my Website to finish first. I wish I could spend all my time"stitching",but I am happy I do get so many orders. Gives me my stitching addiction money.
Have a Wonderful Day

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Finish and stuff

Just finished this sweet "vintage" Strawberry piece by Nicoletta Farrauto..love how it came out. Its stitched on 32 count ivory linen,which has been "aged" I will be putting it in my etsy shop later today.

Finally sorted some of my lace and Trims.....and put them on holders. I still have lots more to do
but at least finished these...so much neater than having them in a plastic box..

And some of my Scissors...I can not get enough of these...love them all

I have been slowly healing from eye surgery on both eyes...It is a little hard to stitch because
I can see fine at a distance but close is a problem. Using drug store cheapies for the time being. I get my eyes examined this coming week
to get corrective glasses for close work. Hope you enjoy some of my collections and have a Blessed
Week end..