Friday, December 16, 2011

A Snowflake Ornament finish

I can't believe Christmas is only 8 days away. I had so many things I wanted to stitch..but orders kept me from doing what I love. In Oct I had a Heart Attack,and that in itself took a toll on what I could do.
but I am sewing like crazy now to try to get a few gifts stitched,before I wrap gifts,shop,and get my tree ready...Not enough hours in the day for sure. I did finish two prim ornies,and this piece. I found this wonderful "freebee"design on Cross Stitch Happy
Using white 32 ct opalescent fabric and
Threadworks Blueberry...I added the blue  crystals to the sides. I think it came out so pretty...
I hope she likes it.. Lots of love went into Stitching it...
I just ordered a bunch of patterns from Nicoletta~ Nikyscreations.. Love her designs. I will put some pics up when they arrive.
I hope everyone is ready for Christmas...hopefully I will be by Christmas

Holiday Blessings


  1. Oh Marilyn!! So very, very, sorry to hear that you had a heart attack!! Oh my GOSH!! Truly hope things are under control and you are back on the road to health and healing. Very beautiful piece you stitched for your sister - she has to love it....And...ummmm...I'm so far behind for the holidays I'll never be caught up even for next year - but, you know what they say - it's going to come whether I'm ready or not. Wishing you a blessing-filled and joyous holiday season. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Thanks so much was a very scarey thing. I did some permanent damage by not going to hospital for almost a week,so I learned my lesson.
    Guess being behind is all a part of this creating world of

    Christmas Blessings to you and yours..
    Smiles and Hugs right back to ya

  3. Oh Marilyn
    Oh gosh.. So sorry for your recent health issues
    I was reading awhile back Women have different
    signs when experincing a Heart Attack its not the
    same as for men..Glad to know your doing better.
    Love the Snowflake it's so beautiful..
    May the Christmas Season be filled with Joyfulness and many blessings
    Hugs ... Ladybug

  4. Oh my goodness Marilyn! Sorry to hear about your heart attack, that's such a scary thing. Girl, you better take it easy. You can't just bounce back from those things. Don't over-do and end up with another one. This would be a good Christmas for you to simplify! Glad you are back to sewing but please be careful.

    The snowflake is so beautiful! I love the blue and the crystals.

    Take care. Merry Christmas~

  5. Thanks Ladybug and Angie...Yes I do need to simplify...I tend to overdo all the time and then pay for it..

    Merry Christmas