Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Newest Stash ....Been a Baaaaaad Girl

First my Beautiful Enamel Owl Box from just Nan...with the tiny Minerva Mouse pattern.The picture does no justice to this piece...its gorgous! I hesited to buy it because of the cost..but am so glad I did! When the mouse is stitched he fits in the Owls Tummy.....
Just a few of the patterns...I am waiting on Little House Needlework
Fresh From the Garden  patterns so I can do my Needle Book to go with the set I purchased....and Nicoletta Farrauto's New flowers Book..they should be coming any day now..

Owl Winder and pattern for its holder...From Just Nan..
the Owl winder is just beautiful...always did love anything
with Owls...

Thistle pattern and new Thistle Needle Keep...
And finally new Linens for the pieces I bought..and some wonderful
Silk floss for the Thistle pieces...

I just had to have these things...Now I need to start stitching them...
Yes...I am obsessive about Cross Stitch
Have a Beautiful Day


  1. I love that owl! And how cute that the mouse goes in it's tummy! LOL