Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Finishes,Wood,Fobs,and more

Tiny Scissors Fob....its so sweet! It is a sweet design by
©MarmottineHer Blog

Made this Glass Bead Scissors Fob..its in my Etsy shoppe....Lovin the Owl Bead on the bottom..its carved and so Neat!
Gardener's Pocket design I just finished...
I love it..its going to be very hard to sell it...This is before I aged the fabric,and made the pouch.
©Brenda Gervais design
Finished Piece

I bought this wonderful spring Sampler pattern from Brenda...and needed Hornbooks for it...So My Hubby made me two of them. I told him they can be my Valentine's Day Gift...

Well off to work on some Easter pieces for my Website and stores..
Its crazy much to do and so little
Have a Wonderful Weekend..


  1. Your scissors fob is so cute! Love the gardener's pouch too! :0)

  2. LOVE it all...I JUST ordered a Brenda G. pattern and am SOOO anxious to work on it!!! (For the next 3 weekends, I am doing a 10 show run in our community theatre of Guys N Dolls playing my time is SOOOO limited right now!!!) I am chomping at the bit to start on it!!

  3. Thanks ladies...Good luck on your show run...
    I know what it feels like to want to stitch,and having to do other things..I am the same,with orders needing to be done for my shoppes and website...

    Have a Great Day

  4. Hi Marilyn,

    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog, I have entered your name into the draw three times!

    I love your stitching, the scissor fob is very sweet.

    Lynn B

  5. Oh how sweet, love the gardener's pocket! It is very cute anyway, but the embellishments really complete the cuteness of this piece.

    Your scissors fob is darling also! I have never seen a carved owl bead before. That is really, really neat!

    Have a fabulous week Marilyn~

  6. Thanks so nice words mean so much!