Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flowers and Mothers Day

Beautiful Flowers from my Oldest Son...In a crystal fluted vase. They are so sweet..the designer uses European inspiration for her designs..
I had such a lovely day! I went to flower shop and picked out some of my garden flowers,and veggie plants. Hubby took me to dinner as well. My youngest is taking us to dinner this week,and my oldest sent the flowers above,and called me from the wish me happy mothers day .He is just returning from Florida today. They just bought a Vacation home near Naples...and are setting it up.
After dinner we went to Visit with my Mom,and give her her Mothers day gift and card. It was just one of those laid back,do what you want to do days..and I loved it.
Tomorrow its back to creating...lots of orders to get finished and shipped out this week...
Hope everyone had a Great Day...

Many Blessings

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a most delightful Mother's Day! Those laid back, do what you want to do days are so wonderful... I just wish I had more of them. =]