Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retro Cherries Pin Cushion and Emery Strawberry

Brand New Pin Keep done with a Vintage Print of Retro Cherries.I added a Vintage
Pearlized button in the center from the 50's. This is a one of a kind piece.


Emery Strawberry pin keep

One of the best things to have for your pins and needles. It is done with wool felt, beaded and filled with emery to keep those needles and pins nice and sharp.


Now that these are finished I am going to start on a cross stitch piece I have been wanting to do.Also have a few new goodies I want to make for my Prim Website...
Have a wonderful Day...


  1. Your Pincushions are Lovely...

  2. You just have the sweetest pin cushions. I absolutely love them all. They are me in every way. The rest of your creations show your talents tremendously. I love your newest Ms prim doll too. I Hope my luck holds out and I win your pretty pincushion. You can never have enough pincushions. I discover that whenever I am in a room doing a project and, whoops I left my cushion in the other room. Every room should have a pincushion to go with its own decor. Don't you agree?

  3. So precious! I love everything that you've been working on! You are very talented!

  4. Very pretty Marilyn:) Love your photos too.

  5. wow - that pin cushion is just magnificent. I have visted your etsy shop and am blown away by your beautiful creations. Marked youas a favorite and will most assuredly be back to shop!


  6. Thanks everyone for the nice comments...I am working on some sweet new items for the shop,and
    some new retro cherry print pin keeps.Waiting on the fabric.
    I really appreciate all the nice comments...
    I love prim..but love "pretties" just as

    Have a great weekend